See Tennis Assistant in Action.

Watch our video and get to know the app better, it shows you all the relevant features of our training app.

The core: 125+ tennis exercise videos

The huge pool of exercise videos offers variety for different training targets, strengths and skill levels.

Singles, doubles and group training

Select the number of players and you will receive suitable exercises for singles, doubles or group training.

Beginner, intermediates and tournament players

Select the skill level of players and you will receive suitable exercises for beginners, intermediates and tournament players.

Training targets

Choose from the training targets groundstrokes, serve, volley, dropshot and smash to receive specific exercises.

Tennis Übung
For coaches and players

Tennis Assistant is well suited for coaches as well as tennis players.

Easy to understand

Exercises presented in videos with animated markers encourage easy understanding

Variations for even more variety

Every exercise includes indications how to vary the exercise for even more exercise variation.

125+ exercise videos

With more than 125 exercises for different training targets and skill levels, Tennis Assistant will bring your tennis training to a new level.

Your assistant

Tennis Assistant is suitable for coaches, assistant coaches and ambitious players. The application contains easy to understand video markers and animations so that you can focus on training.


Choose the number and level of players as well as training targets and tennis assistant will provide you with a well suited set of warm-up, learning and practical exercises.


Additionally, Tennis Assistant contains slow-motion videos of the basic drills combined with hints on common mistakes.

Tennis Übungen Training App

Slow-Motion Tennis Videos

Tennis Assistant contains slow motion videos for all strokes.

  • Offline available content

    After downloading the full application content is available offline so that you can use it on the court and inside the hall without the need of an internet connection.

  • Common mistakes

    An overview of common mistakes for each stroke enables you to quickly identify the problems of your students.

  • Everything in one place

    Say goodbye to never ending search on the internet, Tennis Assistant combines everything you need as a tennis trainer.

  • Strokes in Slow Motion

    Our slow-motion videos enable you to show your students each single step of a stroke.

Tennis books are soooo 1980.

Creating individual training sessions has never been that easy. Use Tennis Assistant to save preparation time. You will always have a set of professional and well suited tennis exercises on your smartphone. Your favorite exercises can be saved within the favorites section. Say goodbye to your old tennis books and start training smart.

No matter if there are 2, 3 or 5 students on your court, Tennis Assistant will provide you with well suited training sessions – from warm up to practical exercises. Easily act and react spontaneously to new situations during the training.